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Elze Visnevskyte is a professional African American Vernacular and Lindy Hop dancer, performer, choreographer, and educator from Vilnius, Lithuania. She has been traveling to teach, perform and compete in various festivals and workshops abroad for over 10 years.

She is also a scene leader in her local dance community in Vilnius and one of the owners of What a Jazz dance studio. She has a Master’s degree in Media studies and has written a thesis on African-American literature and jazz music. 

Her dance background varies from traditional folk to Renaissance dances. Having acted in the theatre for more than 5 years, she takes a part of it in her dancing and improvisation. You can recognize Elze from her contagious energy and loud laugh.



Get in touch with Elze to book her for everything from teaching to performing at your event.

Enquiries can also be sent to:

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