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60 €

Private Class

One on one online class (60 min) on the topic of your choice

Lindy Hop 

Solo Jazz

Here's some ideas on the topics we can work on together: rhythm drills for followers/leaders, body posture, movement and flow, turns and spins, rhythm variations, exercises for imprivisation

100 €

Mini Workshop

Two online classes. You can gather a group of up to 20 people. We will choose one or two topics to work on and plan a schedule that suits you 

Lindy Hop 

Solo Jazz

Follower's Special


Teacher Training


You can suggest other topics you're interested to work on

20 €

Quick Inspiration

You will receive a video of a solo jazz choreography (up to 16 eights) and a breakdown. Afterwards a second video of feedback and tips (optional)

Open to all levels

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